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Name : Take C;charge of your time

Creator : Ankur Warikoo

Price : 699.00 Rs

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Course Details :

This is a 90-min Time Management course where Ankoor Sir share 3 concepts on time, that will COMPLETELY CHANGE the way you manage your time.

One of my most popular courses, with over 1,51,268+ purchases. You get unlimited lifetime access to the 90min course, upon purchase.

• How to download this Course

1. The process to download the course is very simple

2. Just click on the link given below as Access Now

3. Once you clicked the button you'll be redirect to my telegram channel

4. click on the access now button on the selected course.

5. Then you can download and watch it offline.

What You’ll Get Inside this Course:

- 3 core ideas that will completely change the way you look at time.
- How to stop feeling guilty about wasted time and start using it wisely
- A sneak-peek into how I, Ankur Warikoo, manage my own time
- Find out the value of your time
A 10-day exercise to find out how you manage your time right now and how to change it, to be more productive

Who is this course for?

If you are:
Someone who ends up wasting hours on social media, only to regret it later on.
An expert in procrastination and can only get work done at the last minute.
Unhappy about how much time you have already wasted in life doing stupid random things.
Incapable of saying no to people and end up working multiple shifts.

Then this 90-min Time Management Course will help you figure HOW to take charge of your time.

• Is there any Restrictions

Yes, The only restriction is that you cannot share the Course to other people and it is only available for you. You can download it and watch it as many time as you want.

If you still want to share the course with your friend, family or sibling then you can share your telegram id with them and they can access too.

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I am not the exclusive owner of copyright in those materials I Provided. I am providing this for educational use only. If anyone wants to remove their course. Ping me on telegram contact details are given in channel.

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